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Maxi-Lock Serger Thread

Maxi-Lock® meets the demands of serger sewing like no other thread, withstanding the high speeds and tensions that are unique to serging. That’s why Maxi-Lock is the best-selling serger thread!

The lovely finish of Maxi-Lock threads offers a surprising strength that holds up under the most vigorous seamwork. Its consistency, from the start to end of your project, makes it easy to set and maintain tensions, allowing you to create something lovely and lasting.

Processed in the U.S.A., Maxi-Lock, with its line up of All Purpose, Decorative Swirls and Stretch threads has the most complete selection of threads designed specifically for use on serger machines.

Maxi-Lock All Purpose is the best-selling serger thread on the market, available today in many solid colors in 3,000 yards cones.

Maxi-Lock Swirls is a perfect complement to the All Purpose thread with several beautiful colors in 3,000-yard cones. Looks great when mixed or matched in the same project with All Purpose colors.

Weight: 50
Fiber Content: Spun Polyester
Recommended Needle size: 80/12
Uses: Any hemming application, holiday projects, large scale sewing projects, quick mending and alterations, quilting

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Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #32674- Eggshell


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #32059 - Blue


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #32065 - Brown


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #32432 - Light Grey


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #32599 - Natural


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread 3000 yds #45136 - Poppy Red


Maxi-Lock Value 4Pack Multi