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EMT 5005 - Sunshine

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Sunshine (EMT5005)

Embellish Matte Thread by Hope Yoder - EMT 5005
Embellish Matte Threads


Embellish Matte 40wt Thread – Sunshine (EMT5005)

From RNK and inspired by Hope Yoder, comes a new line of 1000 meter spool thread. Polyester thread with a Matte Finish, unlike any other thread you’ve seen!  The raw yarn of our matte thread is made with a ceramic ingredient. This gives this 40 wt thread beautifully contrasting effects when compared to normal polyester while keeping the same high tensile strength.  This allows you to bring new life to old poly designs, without having to change your digitizing settings!

*Please note that the color portrayed on the computer screen may differ slightly from the actual product. You can compare the SKU of this thread color to the Embellish thread chart depicted in the product images for added clarification.