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The highest-quality, professionally-digitized, Made in the USA machine embroidery designs. OESD is inspired by excellence, and for over 25 years we have led the industry  in machine embroidery designs. We invite you to experience a higher standard in embroidery with these collections from OESD.

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Black Fusible Woven CutAway 15 Inch x 5 yds


Black Fusible Woven CutAway 20 Inch x 5 yds


Badgemaster AquaFilm 12"X8yds


Black Med TearAway 2.0oz 10"x10yd


Black Med TearAway 2.0oz 15"x10yd


HvyWt CutAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd


HvyWt CutAway 2.5oz 15"x10yd


HvyWt TearAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd


HvyWt TearAway 2.5oz 15"x10yd


HW CutAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd Blck


OESD SoftWeb 14"x 5 yds


OESD SoftWeb 21" x 5 yds


Stabil Stick TearAway 10"x10yd


Stabil Stick TearAway 15"x10yd


Stabil Stick TearAway 20"x5yd