Low Heat Thermal Film 12 x 10 yds - 7393033077952
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Low Heat Thermal Film 12" x 10 yds

Manufacturer #:620115596

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This stabilizer falls into the "heat removable" category of stabilizers as it removes easily with an iron set on low to medium heat. This film eliminates the use of water for removal for those clothes and fabric you just don’t want to wash – or have time to wash before your embroidery gift-giving! Ideal to use on the top of lofty pile fabrics, terry cloth, corduroy, blankets and any textured material. By doing this, you “trick” the machine into thinking you are stitching on a smooth fabric thereby eliminating embroidery stitches sinking into the pile. Low Heat Thermal Film is also a great alternative for regular tear away on the underneath side for soft, shear and delicate applications.