Solaris 30-Foot Kit - 098612039006
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Solaris 30-Foot Kit

Solaris 30 Feet Kit

Solaris 30 Feet Kit:
Adjustable Bias foot, Bias Binding Foot, Brading foot, Coording foor, Candlewicking foot, Double Cording Foot 4-6 mm, Double Cording foot 7-8mm, Edge, Joining Foot, Felling foot, Fringe/Looping foot, Open toe sole for diagital dual feet foot, Pearl & Piping foot, Pintuck 3-Groove Foot, Pdintuck 5 groove foot, Piping foot left, Mini piping, Embroidery positioning stickers, Quilting Bar and Adapter for Digital Dual Feed,
 Roller foot, Sequin and decorative trim foot, Stitch in the ditch sole for digital dual feed, walking foot, invisible zipper foot, teflon zipper foot.