These are the best teachers for sewing and quilting techniques, embroidery designs and software, proyects,
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Our Teachers

Here at the Sewing Center of Wesley Chapel, we are very proud to have such a talented teacher staff for our 2019 classes.

All of them are very enthusiastic, creative and have a profound love for sewing. It is wonderful to see their dedication to teaching and helping our customers.
Come and visit to meet them and take some of the different classes they will have scheduled during the year.

Carol Bull

At the age of seven I joined the community 4-H Club where I learned and perfected the art of sewing for pleasure and competition until going off to college. Each year we were required to make at least one outfit to be submitted for judging at the local level, as well as county and state fairs. Perfection was required to secure those coveted blue ribbons. So I learned it.
During those years, I was also taught the art of quilting by my grandmother who spent summers with my family. Our block patterns were chosen from the designs published in the Saturday night paper. Template pieces were made from cereal box cardboard, traced onto fabric and laboriously cut and pieced by hand. It wasn’t until many years later that I was introduced to rotary cutting and machine quilting through several TV sewing and quilting shows. My grandchildren, great niece and nephew, as well as new babies of co-workers and friends have been the recipients of my work as I experimented with different techniques and designs.
When my children were little and my budget was tight, I made most of our clothes. I also had the opportunity to learn how to make traditional African ethnic clothing and for several years had a small custom sewing business.
My Bachelor’s Degree is in Art History, Painting and Photography. I also have Master’s Degrees in Business and Project Management. One of my jobs during my career was managing the Graphics Department for a large hospital corporation. All of these skills have come together and are being put to use in my series of Sew With Carol projects that I teach at the Sewing Center of Tampa Bay. Not only do I research projects, but also create many patterns from photos, and provide photographically illustrated instructions for each project.
Please join me for a Carol Sews class and learn new sewing skills by creating fun and useful projects with your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and its accessories.
See you in class!!

Carol White

After nursing school I was married and had three children.  Once the children came I taught Sunday School, which led to Den Mother, Troop Leader and all around helper at the church and school.  As the kids grew up, I found more time for myself and found the wonderful world of quilting.  I had always sewn but quilting was new for me.  That changed my life.

            One class after another brought me more confidence and I taught my first class.  Once I realized everyone was pleased with my classes, I decided to become certified.  Eleanor Burns was coming to Tampa so I took her class and became a certified instructor. I have been teaching her classes and many others ever since. I love quilting and sewing- it is my passion.  I hope to encourage new inspiration to all my students.  It is relaxing, enjoyable and you can be as creative as you wish to be.

Meeghan Carroll

Hi! I’m Meeghan (Mee) and I am an Instructor here at the Sewing Center.  I have been sewing professionally for 15 years as a Bridal Designer, Dressmaker and Alterations Specialist.  

I was introduced to the art of sewing as a child- helping my grandmother thread needles she couldn’t see, and making soft sculpture dolls and clothes with my mother.   It wasn’t until my own children were born and I wanted to decorate their nurseries with handmade quilts and curtains that I truly began to sew.  I went to work in a Husqvarna Viking Sewing Center and was taught how to use the newly computerized machines and I was mentored by some amazing women in the art of alterations. I realized early on that I wanted to design and create my own bridal gowns. I started turning my clothes inside out to see how they were put together and studying patterns. Next thing I knew, I was drafting my own patterns and creating my own designs.  I have designed gowns for hundreds of brides for their big day, and I am continuing to fill my portfolio with bridal and fashion designs.

Being primarily self-taught, I have made EVERY sewing mistake that can be made along the way. My passion for teaching has brought mee to create lessons and projects that take out the guesswork and trial and error process that can stop many a seamstress in her tracks. Sewing needs to be enjoyable and exciting! 

When I am not behind a sewing machine, I am trying to keep up with a busy family of 7, watching hockey, running or teaching fitness classes. Florida has been home for 8 years now, but I still miss snowy weather!

Rebecca Armstrong

Laundry is never finished. There will always be more dishes to do, but when you sew something, it STAYS done! Rebecca has been sewing since she was seven, when her grandmother sat her down at the quilt frame and taught her to quilt by hand. She made her own wedding dress as well as her daughter’s wedding dress 22 years later. She has produced countless costumes, quilts, bags, toys, and home décor items. If you’ve always wanted to sew like your grandmother did, or make that cool thing you saw on Pinterest, Rebecca can help.

Therese Bracy

Hello! My name is Therese. I’m a seamstress, a professional and avid quilter, DIYer, and everyday crafter! I’ve been crafting and sewing for the last 30 years and quilting for the past 12 years. I found my love of sewing when I was a young girl, watching and helping my mom with her seamstress projects. The work my mom did, simply amazed me!

I started out by making outfits for my dolls and gifts for friends and family. In my teens, I started making some outfits for myself…like a lined, brocade vest and my high school graduation dress. After getting married and expanding our family, I dove headfirst into making Halloween costumes for our 3 kids…every year. I've learned a LOT about working with a wide variety of fabrics, thanks to costuming our kids.

I’m a self-taught quilter. My love for quilting began when I decided to make a photo memory quilt, as a class gift for my son’s 3rd-grade teacher. Seeing the heartfelt joy that memory quilt brought, made me feel like quilting was my calling! Each and every quilt that I make holds a special place in my heart; for each quilt tells a special and unique story. 

I design and make quilts, using a wide variety of fabrics and techniques, often incorporating embroidery and applique work into most quilts. I find inspiration for the quilts I design, from the world around me! With every project I work on, my goal has always been to learn something new or do something differently. I also love to teach what I’ve learned! I’m truly thankful and excited to be a part of the team that makes the Sewing Center of Wesley Chapel the wonderful place that it is! 

When I’m not at my sewing machine I’m spending time with my family (of 5 plus 3 dogs and 1 hamster), embracing a yoga routine, reading, watching hockey or football, painting a room in our house, or working on a crochet or knitting project!