Ultimate sewing and embroidery machine
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NEW! Epic

The DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing & Embroidery Machine Difference

At HUSQVARNA VIKING®, we’re only a sewing company which means our sole focus is you, the enthusiast sewer. That’s why we thoughtfully created the all New DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine with:

Over 100 New and Improved features*
Over 35 Best-In-Class features vs. all other Top-of-the-line machines**
Over 30 Features Only found on DESIGNER EPIC™**
As a result, DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine enables you to express your own creativity and achieve expert-level results with ease.

We know you love to sew…

Every detail big and small is thought through, and it’s all created with you at the center!

Get guidance every step of the way!

Let more than 120 animated and illustrated step-by-step tutorials guide you through any project.

Fulfill your dreams – on any fabric type

The smart machine: Automatic settings to achieve expert level results regardless of fabric.

Sew as big as you dream

Regardless of the size of your creative ideas…You’ll get there with ease!

mySewnet™ Cloud: Create, Store and Access Your Designs from Anywhere.

Take your creativity anywhere you want!

Enjoy Your Embroidery and the Special Things in Life.

Always Stay Updated on Your Embroidery.

If It’s In Your Mind, It’s Now In Your Hands

Introducing the First and Only Interactive Tablet-like Screen.


Check this out……

Our friend Ronna Rowlette, give us some comments about her New Designer EPIC and My Sewnet.

_Thank you very much.   Just let me tell you that the EPIC is fantastic already!  Absolutely think I am going to love every minute on it.  Here’s what I have done so far once I was able to get it all unpacked and up the stairs.

·         Registered successfully at MySewnet and changed my password.

·         Got the WIFI up and connected

·         Completed the thread the needle automatically on the first pass!!!

·         Wound the bobbin flawlessly on first attempt.

·         Found the interface Advisor and User guide very intuitive so I’ve been able to look through all of that—so easy to access.

·         Tried some basic sewing…just to test out the stitches, etc.  Wow.  I really like the way this machine sews…different from the Diamond.  It’s very solid feeling and the bobbin mechanism seems different in sewing.  Like it.

Anyway, all for now.  Thanks for your help.  I know It’s only going to get better.  So happy I got it.

Best regards,